2011 Schedule

Brother/sister Eleanor and Matt Friedberge

All events will be hosted by WAMFEST Artist in Residence Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding. He’ll also be reading from his new novel, Charles Jessold, Considered a Murderer, and performing during this year’s closing event on May 5th.  Check out the schedule below and click here for more info on the performers.

Tuesday, April 26 @ 5 pm in Hartman Lounge: “A Conversation and Performance with Alejandro EscovedoTony Visconti and Dave Marsh”

Friday, April 29
@ 5 pm in The Bottle Hill Room: “A Conversation and Performance with The Fiery Furnaces” (pictured)

Monday, May 2@ 2 pm in Lenfell Hall: “Writing for The New Yorker with Ben GreenmanNancy Franklin and Alex Ross

Thursday, May 5 @ 2:30 pm in Hartman Lounge: “A Reading, Conversation, and Performance with Josh Ritter and Wesley Stace/John Wesley Harding

Saturday, May 7 @ 6 pm in Hartman Lounge:  “A Conversation and Performance with Owen sponsored by The Musicians’ Guild

All events are free.  Non-students are strongly encouraged to make reservations by emailing wamfest@comcast.net.  Check out the schedule here and learn more about the performers here.

The Fiery Furnaces photo taken from last.fm.

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