2012 Sponsors

I want to sincerely thank our wonderful corporate sponsors for their generosity and support. Without them, there would be no WAMFEST. With them, we’ve been able to make a significant contribution not only to FDU students’ educations but to the greater community as well. We are incredibly grateful to our extraordinarily generous supporters Bob and Patricia Pures, along with our other sponsor Gourmet Dining. They have made it possible to bring greats like Bruce Springsteen and Robert Pinsky together two years ago; that event alone and the massive publicity it received established FDU as a recognized (and now much envied and imitated) center for progressive arts education and programming across the country. This success in turn enabled us to attract important artists in 2011 like Tony Visconti, Dave Marsh, Josh Ritter and others, and has allowed for an incredible line-up this year and in the future. Thanks to our sponsors for believing in the WAMFEST vision and supporting it in those crucial early days (and continuing to do so, of course). We’ve been able to establish a series of events that some of the most significant writers, musicians, filmmakers and artists in the world are enthusiastic to be a part of. It’s simply amazing. And I am deeply grateful.

~David Daniel, Founder of WAMFEST and Professor of Poetry at FDU

We are also very grateful to our additional sponsors:
Becton College at FDU
Creative Writing at FDU
Office of the Campus Provost at FDU
Office of the Dean of Students at FDU
Office of the Dean at Becton College at FDU

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